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Dual Layer Pop Filter

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Perfecting, your perfect take

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Getting that perfect take is always hard, but don't you just hate it, when you've set up everything correctly, recorded the perfect take, then listened back to hear your vocal volume has peaked, distorted or there are two many "SSS" or "dooph" sounds!?! Ahhhh!

Well the Editors Keys Dual Layer pop filter can make every single recording perfect. We know every person has a different voice and people speak at different levels. This is why your pop filter has a dual layer of high quality nylon mesh, which gives you adjustable levels of audio filtration. That makes your Editors Keys Pop filter 2X more effective than that of the nearest rival single filter.

"From a survery of 200 audio producers, 187 agreed that a dual layer pop filter is the most effective way of improving audio recordings and preventing pops and hisses."