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Kieran, you seem to have a large social media following, how important is social media to you and what you do? Social media is super important and sometimes it feels like a full time job, in fact I have many friend where it is their full time job.  Creating content consistently is what attracts new fans so I do try my best to make time and deliver what the fans want to see. Without a following it is difficult to create a reaction with your music unless radio gets fully behind it from day one, using social media you can...

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Choosing The Right Area To Record So firstly let’s explore where you can record from. It can be in your living room, bedroom, office or even garden shed. First off, you should take the acoustics of each area into account - you don’t want echo or room reverb present in your recording. Even if you want to sound like you’re recording in a church, it’s best to add this in as an effect after the recording. One aspect to remember when recording is what sounds you can hear when in absolute silence. Is there air coming from the air con...

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