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Choosing The Right Area To Record So firstly let’s explore where you can record from. It can be in your living room, bedroom, office or even garden shed. First off, you should take the acoustics of each area into account - you don’t want echo or room reverb present in your recording. Even if you want to sound like you’re recording in a church, it’s best to add this in as an effect after the recording. One aspect to remember when recording is what sounds you can hear when in absolute silence. Is there air coming from the air con...

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With The International Women’s Day just behind us, we thought we would dedicate our first blog post to the ladies in music! We represent a small but very essential list of the greatest female singer/songwriters of all time. Enjoy! ODETTA One who was given the title of “the queen of American folk music” this lady was an important figure in the Civil Rights movement and the 60’s folk reinvention. Many will remember Odetta for her version of O Freedom, which she sang during the 1963 march in Washington. ARETHA FRANKLIN The legend that is; Aretha Franklin. A career that began...

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