Kieran Alleyne Q&A

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Kieran Alleyne Q&A

Kieran, you seem to have a large social media following, how important is social media to you and what you do?

Social media is super important and sometimes it feels like a full time job, in fact I have many friend where it is their full time job.  Creating content consistently is what attracts new fans so I do try my best to make time and deliver what the fans want to see. Without a following it is difficult to create a reaction with your music unless radio gets fully behind it from day one, using social media you can get it out to the masses by using a simple hashtag but it does take time unless you get very lucky.

How long have you been performing for?

Ive been performing since i was 8 years old and got my first role in Thriller Live the musical In London at 13 years old. Thriller was my first proper taste on a bigger stage and I loved every minute of it until one day my voice broke and I couldn’t hit those high high notes andy more. 

Who inspires you musically?

So many people inspire me from the old school legends to the artists of today! The key few that have really helped me have been Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince & Justin Timberlake!

If you could perform with an artists dead or alive who would it be and why?

It would have to be Michael Jackson.. I always dreamed of working with him just because he is a musical genius.,his music and performances will lives forever!!  I was so gutted when he passed away!

Current fave track?

I don't have 1 favourite, i have 3... Pharrell ft Justin Timberlake - Brand New, Drake - One Dance & Rhianna – Work, all for different reasons but with each one you get a certain feeling of excitement,they all make me happy.

Your view on the music industry at the moment?

It is a very hard industry to break into especially in the UK, everything has to be undeniable and a lot of the time you could be the most talented person in the world but if that one person doesn’t feel it or have the passion everything can change very quickly. You always have to make sure you have a great team of people around you as there will always be many highs and lows. 

How has the Studio Series recording helped you?

It has helped me massively! I now have my own studio set up in my room and I’m recording everyday...yes everyday! Without it i would be in London all the time but now i have the freedom to do sessions from my own bedroom!

3 words to best describe Kieran Alleyne?

Hard Working

What does the future hold for Kieran Alleyne?

New music releases, new videos, touring, merchandise and just getting out there and seeing the world through music!

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