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Top Female Music Icons

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Top Female Music Icons

With The International Women’s Day just behind us, we thought we would dedicate our first blog post to the ladies in music!

We represent a small but very essential list of the greatest female singer/songwriters of all time.



One who was given the title of “the queen of American folk music” this lady was an important figure in the Civil Rights movement and the 60’s folk reinvention. Many will remember Odetta for her version of O Freedom, which she sang during the 1963 march in Washington.


The legend that is; Aretha Franklin. A career that began as a gospel singer to one that became an icon in the sixties singing jazz and Motown tunes. The most iconic and famous song would be her rendition of Otis Redding’s Respect, which later became the anthem for change by the civil rights movement. Not only is Aretha a legend but she was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.


The tragic loss of Amy Winehouse opened up the gate for the comeback of jazz and soul in modern music. The soulful voice and distinctive hair made Amy an icon, and her musical talents helped her win a Brit and five Grammy awards. Amy passed away at the young age of 27 but her songs and spirit live through her music.


Another iconic figure of the sixties, Joplin received global recognition due to her performances at Woodstock. The front woman for Big Brother and the holding Company, the young singer tragically died aged just 27, but her infamous raw and blues driven voice makes her one of the most memorable females ever in music history.


Yes the sassy blonde who we all love is infact one of the most talented songwriters of her time. Writing the original I Will Always Love You which was later covered by Whitney Houston, Dolly  has written more than 3,000 songs and sold over 100 million copies of her albums. Given the title ‘The Queen of Country Music’ the Tennessee born beauty has penned legendary songs such as Jolene, 9 to 5 and many more.


Another iconic figure of British sixties folk, Denny was voted the Best British Female singer in 1970 and 1971. Lending her vocals to the folk-rock band Fairport Convention, Sally went on to have a successful solo career. Sadly Denny passed away in 1978 leaving her legacy behind.


A popular musical figure in the 1990’s Hill  sang the chart topping cover of Killing Me Softly. Lauryn went on to release her solo album which received rave reviews from the critics and sold eight million copies in the USA. Branded a ‘genius’ by NME for her acoustic album in 2001, Hill went on to contribute to the 2015 soundtrack of the Nina Simone biopic ‘Whatever Happened, Miss Simone?’


Known for her use of jazz, pop and blues Simone became an iconic figure in the Civil Rights Movement. With over 40 albums released before her death, Nina Simone continues to inspire and influence female artists all over the world to this day.


Shooting to stardom after the release of the chart topping song Fast Car, which captivating many by the exploration of the theme of poverty and alcoholism, Chapman has gone on to support major social causes and performed at events like Make Poverty History.


An iconic figure in the seventies New York punk scene, Patti Smith was influenced by art, acting and journalism, but remained focused in music. Influencing major bands such as REM with her 1975 album which was a mix of music and poetry Patti Smith still to this day remains one of the true female music icons.